Monday, 28 July 2008

part monster

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In an older post I tried to wonder how it would be like to look at ourselves from the eyes of somebody else. Now I realised there’s no need of any out-of-body journey to accomplish that. Sometimes we look into the mirror, but we don’t get any answer, we fail to recognize how we look like. But then you look at yourself reflected in somebody else’s eyes, and suddenly understand the way you look.

In un vecchio post avevo provato a chiedermi come sarebbe guardare a noi stessi con gli occhi di un osservatore esterno. Ora mi sono reso conto che per far cio’ non vi e’ bisogno di un viaggio extra-corporeo. A volte guardiamo nello specchio, ma senza ottenere risposta alcuna, non riusciamo a riconoscere com’e’ che sembriamo. Ma poi uno guarda l’immagine di se stesso riflessa negli occhi di qualcun’altro, ed allora si ha un’improvvisa rivelazione di come si appare.

Piano Magic
- Part Monster

I produce too much of something, not enough of something else
But the doctors cannot help me with the puzzle of my health
And I’m tired of easy music
And I’m tired of pretty girls
And I’m tired of being tired
And I’m tired of being hurt
I am the soldier at the back who is burdened by his books
Though I stare into the mirror, it does not tell me how I look
So I’m shaving in the darkness and I’m turning in my sleep
And I’m turning like a monster with a dead man in his teeth

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luca:sehnsucht said...

This should be my last photo added until september. I'm going to spend the month of august between conferences and holiday. I wish you all a great photographic summer ;)

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